Come be a part of the BOOSTER extended family! This includes being a part of fun fundraising events and monthly booster board meetings.

What is the purpose of the Westfield Theatre and Choir Boosters?
The Boosters’ mission is to provide access to an elite performing arts education with notable programs, plays, musicals, choir music, comedy sketches, student-directed original plays, cabarets, and scholarships. This takes funding beyond what is allotted and that’s how the Boosters play a role.


As an independent 501(c)3 entity, we can raise funds to provide scholarships to students wanting to further their music or theatre abilities in college as well as for the performing arts.

Westfield Theatre and Choir Boosters Association alongside sponsors, parents, and patrons support the arts in WWS. Our students and school need this vital support from the community. 

  • See a show to support and cheer on our students
  • Be a sponsor
  • Join the Board
  • Volunteer for concessions, box office, usher
  • Hospitality (make meals during show week, provide snacks)
  • Promote and participate in our fundraisers
  • Reach out to local businesses to form Sponsorship Relationships 
  • Encourage your kid to take a class in the performing arts curriculum

Details to apply for 2024 coming!


SENIORS who plan to study performing arts or music-based education: Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for our scholarship under the Westfield Education Foundation!

MISSION STATEMENT: It is the mission of the Westfield Theatre and Choir  Boosters Association to assist the Directors of Theatre and Choir, Westfield High School, and the Westfield Washington School Corporation in providing our students with the best-performing arts education possible while supporting them morally, physically, and financially. This includes apprising students of the opportunities available through program participation. We will strive to find ways to enable those with financial needs to participate and enjoy the program’s benefits. It is our aim to promote a spirit of fellowship and goodwill in all areas of WWS while encouraging our students to be exemplary leaders and ambassadors for the entire school community.

Executive Board Members

President – Charity Alber

Vice President – Steph Meyers-Bluto

Vice President of Marketing- Mandi Horner

Secretary – Aimee Rawlings

Treasurer – Kristin Usko

Members at Large

Megan Flynn

Tamie Ellis
Sheryl Matthys

Heather Lamb

Amy Hiple

Scott Hoffbauer

Want to get involved? Send inquiries to 


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