FALL 2023
Nov. 9, 10, 11

Musical Theatre Info

Timeline: August 2023 – November 2023

Show Days

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Night at 7pm and Saturday Matinee at 2pm

Actor and Vocal Auditions

August 21st – 25th from 4-6pm in the WHS Auditorium

Acting and Vocal Audition Application found here PLEASE read through the specifics below and read through the rehearsal calendar

Vocal Auditions – August 21st and 22nd from 4-6pm

Timeslot is given to students for arrival time and audition:

  • Students wait in the Bistro or Choir Room
  • 30-second song cut with audio 
  • One on One with directors in the Auditorium
  • Vocal Audition Preparation available with directors pre-audition upon request 
Acting Auditions: August 24th in the Auditorium

2-3 hours after school – 1 to 2 days:

  • Group scenes read a loud with directors and students in the Auditorium
  • Individual Monologues – Given to students in advance at Call Out meeting
  • Acting critiques and games led by senior members of the Theatre
Choreography (Dancing) Auditions: August 23rd from 4-6pm in the Auditorium

2-3 hours after school:

  • Dress appropriately – Dance shoes (if necessary) or tennis shoes
  • Loose fit workout style clothing 
  • Bring Water and a change of clothes
Call Backs: August 25th from 4pm – 6pm

Last day of Auditions:

  • Some students are called back for a final audition including but not limited to: another group audition reading lines, singing a particular song for range verification, and character analysis

Technical Theatre Auditions/Applications

Types of Technical Theatre

Costume and Props:

  • Finding, creating, and manufacturing Costumes and Props for Actors to use on Stage

Set Building and Stage Design:

  • Creating, designing, and building stage pieces and sets

Lighting and Sound:

  • Learning, designing, and running the lights and sound boards for the shows.
Stage and Shop Manager

Interviewed Position:

  • Stage Manager – Extension of the directors who provide, communication, and logistics, and are in charge of all backstage aspects
  • Shop Manager – Works with the Stage manager, organizes set shop, delegates tasks, and opens and closes the shop.
Student Director

Interviewed Position:

  •  Extension of the directors who provide, insight, marketing, and advertisement expertise via social media, logistics, and organization tasks at the directors’ discretion. 

Tech Applications

  • Link to Google Form to the application found here.
  • Provide a rendering of theatrical design depending on the technical theatre position interested.
  • Ex. Interested in Costumes, provide a costume design for a few characters in the show to showcase your skills and eye for design. 

Cast List is sent out to Actors and Tech Crew for acceptance August 25th & 26th. Cast List is sent out via REMIND @whsthtr

Fees – All students cast in the show (actors and technical crew) pay an $80 participation fee including a show t-shirt. Fees go toward the following:

  • Rights and Royalties to produce the show
  • Building Sets and Showpieces
  • Script rentals or purchases
  • Costume/Prop creation or rental
  • Advertisements and Marketing
  • All fees go directly back into the theatrical experiences for the students

* Note – Audition Workshops are available during our WHS Theatre Boot Camp