Summer Camp

July 17th – 20th

Auditioning 101, Stage Make-Up Basics, Tech Theatre Knowledge, Choreography Training, Guest Speakers and so much more!

Description: Intensive theatre learning opportunities to aid new and upcoming theatre students learn more about our programs and gain experience. It is also a time for existing theatre students to get involved, perfect their own skills, and have the opportunity to teach incoming students. 

Workshops include 

  • Auditions Assistance and Basics
  • Vocal Coaching and Choosing the right audition song for you
  • Improv games and acting basics
  • Choreography basics and boot camp intensive
  • IRT, CIVIC, Westfield Playhouse, and other theatre guest speakers

Timeline: One week in July – morning or afternoon, sometimes the entire day
Fees: Varies depending on the year – $50 to $75