WHS Theatre has produced over 100 shows and events for the WWS community under the direction of teachers, students, and our community. We continue our mission and purpose of providing theatrical experiences for all students. We appreciate your support in keeping the ARTS alive in our schools.

Wizard of Oz Directors
Tartuffe Directors
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LSOH Directors
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Meet the Staff

Lance Grubb

Lance Grubb has directed 3 musicals and 3 plays including his favorites at WHS: Wizard of Oz, Little Shop of Horrors, and Tartuffe. In his spare time, he teaches French at WHS. He has 2 young daughters who he hopes share his musical and French language enthusiasm.

Eric Zabonick
Assistant Director

Eric Zabonick is enjoying his second year as an Assistant Director. By day, he is a School Counselor at WHS and loves his career. In his spare time, he is either cooking, eating, or hiking.

Jon Majors
Technical & Auditorium Director

Jon Majors has been with the Westfield Theatre Department since 2017. He loves watching these students take charge and become independent problem-solvers. When not in the auditorium, you’ll find him teaching biology, listening to woodworking and true crime podcasts, and at home playing with his dog Lilly. 

Alison Wessel
Music Director

Music is at the heart of Alison Wessel. She’s been the WHS choir director since 2004, and vocal director for 18 musicals with her favorites being Into the Woods and Les Miserables. She and her husband Scott have two adult children who graduated from WHS and sang in Westfield Choirs.

Lily Wessel

Lily Wessel has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Ball State University and is a Westfield High School graduate. Lily has choreographed WHS musicals since 2020, including Shrek, Wizard of Oz, and Little Shop of Horrors. She teaches at Indy Dance Academy. Lily loves sharing her love of dance with WHS Theatre.

Rhonda Adams
Curricular Theatre Teacher
Thespians Troupe Sponsor

Rhonda Adams has both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from Indiana University in the School of Education. She has been teaching English and theatre at Westfield High School for 31 years and was the lead theatre director from 1992 – 2020.